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Plenary & Featured Speakers of the ICPL2020 

Hamlet Isakhanli



Hamlet Isakhanli is a scholar who has carried out research and produced significant results in various fields of sciences and arts, particularly outside of mathematics. Overall, he has written hundreds of articles, monographs, and textbooks in the philosophy of history, history of science, education and culture; education policy; theory and history of translation; language and literature; and in many other areas.

The book In Search of Khazar by Hamlet Isakhanli has become very popular in Azerbaijan and throughout the international community. His storytelling style connected with the description of political, cultural, personal and psychological situations of the process of establishment of a new institution of higher education, and well-documented analyses of events of the time, make this a valuable book to read. "The realities of events associated with the establishment and development of Khazar University have left indelible traces in my memory. I intend to pass these events to you in their entirety and in all sincerity," says the author in the introductory note to the book.


 His research and writings on translation problems, on language policy, and on lexicography are worthy of esteem. A large article entitled "Translating Poetry and Cross-cultural Communication: In Search of Beauty and Harmony Within Limited Borders" devoted to the history and analyses of East-West communication through the translation highway, to problems of translation from and into Azerbaijani, and to problems of translating poetry, is a "must, for constant reference" according to one expert viewpoint.

Hamlet Isakhanli is one of the authors and co-editor of the Khazar English-Azerbaijani Comprehensive Dictionary in six volumes. This work has been completed for the most part; its first three volumes have already been published. This dictionary is, without a doubt, one of the monumental achievements of the Azerbaijani culture. The textbook "The Azerbaijani Language" for foreigners, written by Hamlet Isakhanli with two co-authors, is based on the communicative approach and is a handbook to which foreigners and teachers may have recourse.

Isakhanli an influential scholar, liberal intellectual, educator, writer and public speaker in the fields of history of science, philosophy and culture; philosophy of history; theory and history of literature, languages; translation studies; education; education policy; and history/philosophy of education. He has written books, numerous articles, policy papers and reports in addition to abundant interviews in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and bulletins. For a sampling of them see.

Hamlet Isakhanli discusses in his writings the problems of poetry and philosophypolitical science and international relationshistory, journalism, etc.

A complete list of writings by Hamlet Isakhanli as well as others' writings about him is available in print as Hamlet Isaxanli: Bibliography. Scholar, Founder, Poet.