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Conference Theme

All abstract submissions must be relevant to the central theme of the conference: “Enabling Research, Making It Meet Practice.”


Abstract submission

Anatomy of Abstracts for ICPL can be as follows:

A. Workshops [time allowed: 60 minutes]:

  • Please organize your abstract into (a) What innovation or change you have made, (b) The goals of the innovation or change, (c) presentation of features of the innovation or change, and (d) the possibility of adopting or adapting the innovation or change to another context. Please specify innovation or change in one of the following areas: needs analysis, lesson planning, syllabus design, materials evaluation and design, teaching methodology, as well as testing and assessment.

B. Research Papers [time allowed: 30 minutes]:

  • Please structure your abstract into (a) what has been an issue, (b) aims of the project, (c) clear research methods, (d) presentation of key findings, and (e) significance of the project: theory, research, policy, and practice.

C. Posters [time allowed: 60 minutes]:

  • Please see the following links [Link 1 & Link 2] to find out further information about preparing a poster. The minimum size of a poster must be 60cm X 60 cm. Posters cannot exceed 80cm X 80cm.

 Note: The abstract must not exceed 150 words while title must not exceed 20 words.


Abstracts Presentation

The title of your abstract ought to:

  • accurately reflect the content of the presentation
  • be clear to the intended audience
  • contain no more than 20 words

The abstract describing the presentation must:

  • be written in the first or third-person present tense or future tense
  • include a list of selected references
  • be carefully edited and proofread
  • follow the anatomy of the abstract.
  • spell out any acronym(s) or abbreviation(s) used in the title



Your biodata of 60 words should include your current affiliation, professional or academic position, professional involvements (if any), selected publications (if any), workshops/seminars/conferences ever attended, and research interests.


Online Submission

Please complete the given online form. All required information must be submitted online using this form.  No more than THREE presenters for the same paper is allowed. Please note that one person submits only one abstract.



The conference will get and keep in touch with a primary presenter. Each presenter and co-presenter who will attend the conference must do the registration and pay the registration fee. The primary presenter is the only person with whom the Committee will correspond, and the Primary Presenter is responsible for communicating information to all co-presenters.